Kamen i pesak d.o.o.

member of the Kirchdorfer Group

Our company has been doing business under the name Kamen i pesak d.o.o. since 2013, from which point the company saw a constant growth and development. We have established our facilities at two locations – quarry Brdanjak, located at about 70km south from Belgrade, in the village of Stepanje, municipality Lajkovac. The seat of the company is located in Belgrade.
Main activity of the company is production, or more precisely, exploitation of stone for construction of infrastructure projects, roads and highways.
With annual production of 400,000 tons, Kamen i pesak d.o.o. is one of leading suppliers of stone in the Republic of Serbia. Due to the geographical location of our quarry, near Belgrade and important traffic routes, placement of products is primarily performed on the territory of Belgrade, AP Vojvodina and Western Serbia.

We are a member of the Kirchdorfer Group


Our parent company Kirchdorfer Group was founded in 1888. It operates in three divisions: cement, mineral resources (stone, sand, gravel and premix concrete)and
pre-fabricated products. . With more than 1,400 employees and annual turnover of over 250 million euros in 13 different countries, the road of success of the Kirchdorfer Group continues.